Nuclear Power Plant

-nuclear power plant standard production rate 1410MW

Wind Turbines:

-a turbine with capacity of 3-7MW, enough for 1,500 households, or 3 full complexes. 7 million KW hours, feasible

-Solar Panel System

cheaper form of electricity 120 kw on space station, 5,060m^2 for 90KW we need 4,047m^2 of solar panels.
-This is enough for about 15 people per day easier transportation and cheaper building than other forms of power. feasible

More possibilities of merging other power sources, for greater sustainability.


Three fundamental housing options

-Transport uranium panels, for above ground complex
-Create Bricks with bacteria and urine or polyethylene
-Dig at least 5 meters underground
-First option only for 4 people, others for 160 people
-Important to build for space, to ensure longevity of settlement