Environmental Conditions


Atmosphere of Mars
96% Carbon Dioxide, 1,9% Argon, 1.9% Nitrogen, 0,2% Oxygen
In 2003 Methane was FOUND!
→ this may indicate life on mars but may also be caused by geometrical processes, volcanic- or hydrothermal activity.
How to Produce Oxygen
Produce oxygen by splitting water (hydrogen & oxygen)
MOXIE Experiment
→ on a mars Rover
→ July/September 2020
→ splits CO2 into C and O2 (O2 is what we breath on earth)
→ liquid oxygen tanks are produced
→ reduce costs of transporting oxygen to mars dramatically
Where and How to use it:
→ “living units”
→ Portions will be reserved difficult situations for e.g. nights or sand storms
→ Crops
→ Rocket fuel burning
→ Nuclear-powered robotic plant
→ The size of MOXIE needs to be fitted to suit the amount of oxygen needed
→ Still hypothetical and will be tested in 2020
→ Where will the Carbon go when MOXIE separates C and O2
→ Expanding MOXIE (Nuclear-powered plant)
→ No Cycles exist on Mars!!!
→ Living things cannot properly exist on their own
→ During Winter the CO2 is trapped in the ice, in Summer- in the atmosphere


→ During the winter the poles can get down to -125 degrees C.
→ A normal summer day on Mars can get up to 20 degrees C. → A summer night the temperature can plummet to about minus 73 C.
→The aim of NASA is to create a global warming. Exactly the global warming that we are currently trying to slow down on planet Earth. Heating the planet has at least 3 benefits to Mars and the inhabitants.
→ Releasing the produced chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere from the polar ice caps will melt the ice caps as well as initiate global warming due to the capturing of the heat from the sun and planets core.
→ Causing global warming will melt the ice caps creating water for the growth and sustainability of the nature and inhabitants. The quantity of the water from the ice caps is unknown.
→ The global warming will heat the planet a maximum of 70 degrees C. Making it easier and simpler for survival.
→ After the planet has heated we are able to start growing trees and so produce the needed oxygen.